Century Glen HOA

Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!

Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!

Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!

Century Glen HOA History:

Century Glen HOA  formally Tract No. 7260 Association began with oil. In the early  1920's, oil derricks blighted the bean fields in West Los Angeles. In  the mid-1950's, with the tract fully developed, Universal Oil Company  promised Century Glen homeowners big monthly checks in exchange for the  rights to drill for oil under their land. In response, in 1956, the  homeowners formed Tract 7260 Association Inc. / Century Glen HOA to work  out terms that the ugly oil derricks would never be resuscitated.  Homeowners collected on slant drilling in oil royalties, but a decade  later the oil checks stopped coming. The biggest change to the tract was  caused by the sale of the Fox backlot. Fox was facing cost overruns on  the production of Cleopatra, cash strapped Fox Studio's sold the real  estate to magnate William Zeckendorf. The next year Zeckendorf and  partner Alcoa's goal was to transform the backlot into a city within a  city. As work on Century City was starting, Century Glen stepped in to  ease the impacts of construction on traffic and the environment.

Century Glen HOA pushed  through construction of islands on both Olympic and Santa Monica  Boulevards at Fox Hills Drive in order to keep traffic from cutting  through the tract. The tract also secured an easement on Century Park  West to prohibit cars from using the western boundaries of Century City  as a short cut through the tract. Then  in 1976, the Century City Shopping Center expanded. The tract reacted  by becoming more aggressive. The most significant concession made by  REIT gave all shopping center patrons three hours free parking. Many of  the tract's parking problems were also solved in 1981 when the Century  Glen Board pushed through the city's first permit parking  ordinance. Century Glen was named Parking District # 1. Another  result of the tract's more aggressive stance is that developers now are  more likely to consult with the Century Glen Board of Directors about  building plans early in the design process in order to eliminate any  potential negative effects their projects might have on the tract.

Century Glen is  known for its strong sense of community, its quiet suburban nature and  its proximity to Century City / Westfied Shopping Center. Century  Glen is where Tom Mix and Buck Jones once saddled their horses for Fox  Studios and is now known for its willingness to take on a fight to keep  our quality of life secure. As a Century Glen homeowner, you continue  to enjoy a great quality of living, very low crime and the highest  recorded home values in history.  Join us to keep Century Glen strong  and free of traffic!