Century Glen HOA

Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!

Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!

Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!Century Glen HOA Needs your Support to Fight for Quality of Life!


Century Glen HOA Board petitioned for digital speed signs on Beverly Glen and was awarded them after many years of complaining  to DOT about safety concerns.

Century Glen is under attack by Developers looking to take advantage of loopholes in the law.

This development will be on Santa Monica between Bencia  and Fox Hills.

Century Glen HOA is in close proximity to Santa Monica Bl., Century City mall and the new subway. This is why developers are trying to take advantage of the new laws that give them the right to over-build and stretch the normal planning codes/requirements in our area.  TOC loophole projects that are near subways / light rail systems can be developed with limited parking. Half a parking spot per unit and 7 story height. Our HOA will be over-run with traffic and parking passes on the streets. This will change the landscape and quiet surroundings we have enjoyed in our HOA since our conception in 1956. You must call Council-member Paul Koretz's office and Mayor Garcetti to oppose these  disproportionate developments. If developers get their way our special CENTURY GLEN community will be gone. 

Mayor: 213-978-1028

Paul Kortez: 323-866-1828 

Century Glen needs your Financial Support to Fight this over development in our HOA.


  •  We  are pleased to inform everybody that we have Paul Koretz and LAPD to  speak at the Annual Century Glen HOA meeting. The meeting will be Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at St. Timothy's Catholic Church at the corner of Pico and Beverly Glen. Doors will open at 7PM and the meeting will begin at 7:30PM. Dues paying members will receive a free Security sign for their home. Please Help fight over-development in
  • CENTURY GLEN! Send your Dues!  
  • Make Checks payable to:
  • Century Glen HOA.
  • P.O. Box 64399 Los Angeles, CA 90064-4399 


Early Century City / Century Glen Photo's


Century Glen HOA is working hard to improve your Quality of life!


Century Glen HOA Safety Pick!


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Our Councilman for Century Glen is:

Paul Kortez  (323) 866-1828



Annual Century Glen HOA Meeting ​Tuesday April 14, 2020 at 7:30pm ​St. Timothy's Church - Pico / Beverly Glen

  •  Dues paying members will receive a free Security Sign!

Century Glen Board has installed  a new Stop sign and HOA Neighborhood Watch sign at Ralph's.

Century Glen Board has installed  a new Stop sign and HOA Neighborhood Watch sign at Ralph's.

Join the Team! Century Glen HOA Neighborhood Watch:

  • Email address for Tract Updates / Alerts
  • Become a Block Captain
  • Recruit Neighbors
  • Organize Citizen Patrols 
  • Disaster Preparedness Program 


 Century Glen HOA Board had the diverters on Olympic / Fox Hills and Santa Monica / Beverly Glen  reinstalled to keep illegal Left and U-turns from occurring into the  HOA.  

Free Mulch!

Bring your own bags, shovel and take as much as you need. Daily 7am - 5pm.
6001 Bowcroft St. LA, CA 90016 

Advertise / Sponsor your business on our website!

S.A.F.E. Collection Center:

Accepting: motor oil & filters, paint, solvents, e-waste, batteries, medicine, TV's, computers, needles, bulbs,
cleaning products, and more.
550 Charles E. Young Dr. LA, 90095
800-773-2489/Thurs, Fri & Sat 8am-2pm.
E-waste only collected on Saturday.

RedCross link to Earthquake survival kits!

Sign-up / Join: NEXTDOOR.COM

The free private social network for our neighborhood. Report crimes, receive alerts, lost pets and special events. Almost 1000 Century Glen residents have joined Nextdoor.

Support Century Glen:

 Our  volunteer HOA has been fighting to protect our community from excessive  growth, inappropriate development, traffic gridlock and environmental  threats. We are much stronger than homeowners acting individually. We  are making progress on issues that really matter. We  need your continued support and for those willing, your time. The Board  remains committed, as we have for over 60 years to protecting  the interests of Century Glen.  Support Century Glen HOA and make a  difference with a $50 Membership dues check. 


 Century Glen HOA is the area between East side of Beverly Glen and Century Park West, North of Pico and South of Santa Monica. 

Cash for your Lawn!

 LADWP will pay $3 per sq. foot of healthy turf to be removed. Get pre-approved before starting the project & download guidelines.


Pothole Repair Program:

 If you see a pothole, please call: 800-966-2489 

View the History of Century City / Century Glen:

Membership Dues $50

Take the time to support Century
Glen HOA  with your check. Give us the means necessary to help with all our  mutual interests. The more support we have the stronger we are! 

Because of your dues Century Glen HOA can take a more aggressive stance with area expansion. Developers will be more likely to consult with the Century Glen HOA Board of Directors about  building plans early in the design process to eliminate any potential  negative effects their projects might have on the tract. With your money  developers know that if they don't inform the board, they risk a  lawsuit.

As  a Century Glen homeowner you continue to enjoy a great quality of  living, very low crime and the highest recorded home values in history!

 Make Checks payable to:

 Century Glen HOA.

 P.O. Box 64399 Los Angeles, CA 90064-4399 

 Thank You for your support!